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It’s Spring! We’re So Excited We Wet Our Pants!

21 April 2015

If you know me, you know I love to get creative! Here’s another project of mine that I wanted to share with you! I got this fun and imaginative idea from one of our customers. (Thanks again Michelle!) Here’s how I made my funky blooming pants: I first purchased some rubber boots, then screwed metal rods […]


Our Living Art Project is Finally Revealed!

15 April 2015

We are so excited to finally be able to share our living art project with you all! Over the past months you might have noticed some posts about our secret project…? Well this is it!  It is a living sculpture, formally known as mosaiculture! Simply said, it is a horticultural art where plants are used to […]


8 Tips: How To Attract Butterflies

13 April 2015

Below are some tips on how to make your yard butterfly-friendly. Tip 1: Cater to caterpillars. By incorporating caterpillar foods into your garden you can increase your chances of attracting adult butterflies. For the most part, caterpillars are very picky eaters. Female butterflies lay eggs on host plants that their offspring will feed on. See the […]


Want a healthy lawn?

2 April 2015

Use the exclusive 4-step lawn fertilization program for a healthy lawn! These natural fertilizers are created by specialists to promote growth and meet your lawn needs. This natural lawn fertilizer not only contains three essential ingredients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), but it also contains organic material and important micro nutrients, such as iron and calcium. The 4-step program is available […]


When to apply dormant oil and lime sulphur?

31 March 2015

The time to apply dormant oil and lime sulphur to your trees and shrubs is fast approaching! For those of you who don’t know, dormant oil, also known as mineral oil, is applied in the spring, when a plant is dormant. Horticultural oil helps with overwintering and prevents trees and shrubs from being attacked by […]


Spring, where art thou?

30 March 2015

Just like last year, spring hasn’t sprung just yet! Over the past few weeks our hardworking team has been planting and stocking our greenhouses, preparing for the long-awaited arrival of spring (fingers crossed). While we’re waiting for mother nature to make up her mind, we figured we’d provide you with some updates!


Pest Protection

23 March 2015

Applying a combination of dormant oil and lime sulphur to plants is a safe, organic, and effective solution that helps fight overwintering pests and prevent diseases. You can apply the mixture on shrubs, rose bushes, and most trees (except Sugar Maple and Birch).