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Our Living Art Project is Finally Revealed!

We are so excited to finally be able to share our living art project with you all! Over the past months you might have noticed some posts about our secret project…? Well this is it!  It is a living sculpture, formally known as mosaiculture! Simply said, it is a horticultural art where plants are used to create living artwork. In the pictures below you’ll notice that we’ve used colourful foliage to cover an 8 1/2 feet sculpture in the shape of a woman. She has yet to be named and at the moment she goes by “Madame”.

I first found her displayed at another garden centre while driving up to our family cottage. For many years I’ve admired her and one day last year I finally decided to ask the owner if they would be so kind as to selling her to me. Thankfully they agreed! The artist of the sculpture is Daniel Bennett.

Since having purchased our Madame, we’ve stored her in one of our greenhouses. Since this February, Jean and I, with the help of our son Nick, have been working on covering the structure. We started by weaving nylon netting through the structure. We then filled it with a soilless mix. From there on, we agreed on a design and which plants we would use to help bring her to life.

For this particular project we’ve decided to use:

  • Lace potato vine to give her beautiful golden locks.
  • Elfin thyme to define her face and hands.
  • Geramiuns, lobelia and euphorbia to fill the basket she is holding.
  • Two different shades of hypoestes to give her a scarf.
  • Waxed begiona and lobelia to create a dress.
  • Sempervivum to give her a necklace; and
  • Small leaf helichrysum, lobelia and portucala to create sleeves.

In order to insert the different varieties, we had to make small incisions and to ensure proper hydration, we’ve inserted a self tapping watering system on her back.

In total, we’ve spent approximately 40 hours each. A combined total of approximately 80 hours!

For the time being we must keep her tucked away in her greenhouse, where we fertilize her on a weekly basis.

Don’t fret, we will display our Madame in May! Till then, we will need your help to come up with the perfect name! Keep in mind, we’d like her name to be bilingual! Post your suggestions on Facebook!

Below are a few pictures of the process:

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 Estelle xo