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When to apply dormant oil and lime sulphur?


The time to apply dormant oil and lime sulphur to your trees and shrubs is fast approaching!

For those of you who don’t know, dormant oil, also known as mineral oil, is applied in the spring, when a plant is dormant. Horticultural oil helps with overwintering and prevents trees and shrubs from being attacked by mites and insects, particularly scale insects.

As for sulphur, it is mainly used on trees and shrubs as a fungicide (spray or dust that eliminates fungi). Also, sulphur helps keep insects and mites from damaging your plants.



Basic rules on when to apply:

1. Apply before buds open

2. Apply when no precipitation or frostĀ is expected in the 24 hours following application

Dormant oil and lime sulphur is available for purchase at J.A. Laporte. Upon purchase, we will gladly explain how to properly mix and apply the product.

Important: Don’t forget to apply horticultural oil to your cedar hedges. Do not apply lime sulphur to cedars.